Art Culture

Painting Without A Parachute

I’ve been watching plenty of instructional watercolour videos lately. Some of the best were artists who dove in with their brushes without doing a drawing first. Their results were paintings […]

Jumping Ship

I get a reasonable number of artists who are looking for acrylic or oil classes. Of course this isn’t what I offer here at Sissy & Roché. So I typically […]

You Don’t Always Have To Paint What You See

  In the paintings shown above, you’ll notice how the picture on the left the water is painted in a traditional palette, (pea green.) The painting on the right uses […]

A Painting Zone a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

As we age we take on numerous conditions that have a tendency to slow us down. Some are more debilitating than others. When I turned 30, at my yearly physical […]

The love of art can start very young.

I had the pleasure last week of giving a one-on-one art lesson to the grandson of a good friend. Eli, is 5 years old and has shown a keen interest […]

The Benefit of running a gallery

One nice benefit of running a gallery is all the great conversations you share. I have many opportunities to discuss my style especially to individuals who wish to take watercolour […]

Seven ways where appreciation of the arts empowers you:

Increases your Creativity Unleashes your Inner Risk Taker Learning to be Yourself Understanding the Power of Myth and Symbols Observational Skills Project Planning Collaboration and Appropriation One of my art […]

Santa is in his Painting Studio getting ready for the Holiday Season

Original art is something that touches an emotional cord with people. Every year we wonder, “What do I get that someone special that has everything they need?” The answer to […]

Owning original art is like capturing a bit of sunshine to brighten your life…

This time-honoured quote is as relevant today as it was when it was penned. When you buy the original you are purchasing a unique commentary captured by the artist. You […]

When Visiting a Gallery Take Your Time – Relax

I’ve just read a very interesting article on art patrons’ behaviour in galleries. It turns out we typically spend only 8 seconds observing a work of art. Attention spans are […]