Meet Rose

My Story

I was told that a great gift to give to someone is to cook for them. Growing up on a farm, my mom knew how to prepare a satisfying and tasty meal. She taught me various cooking tips. I watched PBS on Saturday afternoons in the early 80’s all the great chefs were there, Julia Childs, Jacques Prepin, Jeff Smith – The Frugal Gourmet, Marcia Adams – Cooking in Quilt Country and a host of others. All had something special to add as I learned how to cook by being entertained. Later I watched Martha Stewart early on Sunday mornings; she became a household name shortly after that. As I watched Martha’s shows, I realized in a lot of ways, my mom was Martha before Martha was Martha!

I learnt through watching cooking shows that presentation whether in – table setting, centrepieces and placement of food on the plate is all an art form. When friends came over for dinner I would share tips and techniques that I was surprised they didn’t know. I would get emails from friends and friends of friends asking for advice. I then shared emails of tips and recipes. Calling myself Dippy Blonde Dips, Tips and Concoctions and then I did small cooking classes in our kitchen. We moved to Kingsville and opened Sissy & Roché. I felt left out as Ed was hanging his art. That’s when I decided to organize cooking classes again. My Art is in the culinary form. My gift, cooking classes complete with recipes, tips and tastings at Sissy & Roché